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Humboldt's concept of providing an integral 4-channel data logger in our Load Frames and other geotechnical testing equipment provides you with the industry's most flexible geotechnical testing platform available.

Humboldt Concept for Triaxial Systems

The HM-3000 Load Frame used in a stand-alone mode provides you with excellent control and data-logging capabilities, while it provides you with a load frame capable of almost any type of testing you may encounter.

  • Our stand-alone components make change easy. Simple and efficient, changing components in or out can coordinate with changes in your company.
  • We won't lock you into a system that will become obsolete. With multiple units creating one solution, you can upgrade and accommodate new technology without having to buy a whole new proprietary system.
  • Never lose your data. Since our machines store data independently, should your computer crash or your power fail, nothing will be lost.

Humboldt's design concept let's you daisy-chain our geotechnical testing equipment together, allowing you to control and collect data from all the testing machines in your lab from an individual computer station, simultaneously, in real-time.

Three options for pressure control are offered:

Automated, Manual, and our unique FlexPanel System.

  • Automated Pressure Control Option
  • Perfect for large, high-volume labs and all your UU, CU, and CD triaxial testing needs as well as unconfined compression testing.
  • Complete control of your testing process – helping to increase staff efficiency and fully utilize your technology.
  • Available in one or three cell configuration, with HTMS software for controlling the system from your computer.
  • Manual Pressure Control Option
  • Take manual control of both the confining pressure and back pressure of your cells.
  • Manage multiple configurations. As easy as plug-and-play, just add cells and other appropriate equipment to accommodate your needs.
  • Retain the testing options of an automatic configuration. The manual control system can run UU, CU, CD triaxial testing and unconfined compressions testing.
  • FlexPanel Pressure Control Option
  • Eliminate the air/water bladder interface concept with our highly accurate burette system.
  • Single cell pressure settings – adjust the cell and back pressure of one individual cell with burettes.
  • No need for a volume change apparatus. With this system, you can manually measure volume change or permeability without it.

Humboldt HMTS Software

HMTS Software

Humboldt Material Testing Software (HMTS) provides a complete solution for the acquisition, recording, and presentation of testing data.

  • View your data in real-time, including data curves and graphs, instantly.
  • Excel makes it easy. Our software works in conjunction with Microsoft Excel, so your data is available in Excel workbook format files for evaluation or distribution.
  • Add-ons are as effortless as plug-and-play. If you want to connect another unit, our software makes running multiple tests simple.

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